Need a great sounding demo recording of yourself or your band but don't have the big budget to make it happen?


Located in Rockford,MI, 12 miles north of Grand Rapids, Demo-King can produce professional sounding recordings that you can be proud to use to get gigs, auditions or simply hand out to your friends and family.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Why Do You Need A Demo?

Think of your demo like a resume.  It needs to tell your story--what you do and why someone should hire you to perform. 

It needs to be professionally sounding and appearing to show that you are serious about your music. You are competing for gigs with literally thousands of bands and musicians. You need to demonstrate to club owners, booking agents, wedding planners, etc. that your band is a cut above the rest!

Are you having trouble getting paying jobs?  If you don't have a demo for people to hear you or, even worse, if you are passing out a homemade demo recorded in your garage, you will continue to play for free or play at home.  Hiring a band is a big risk for bar owners and party planners. Help them make the right choice--YOU! 

Project a professional image!

Mike Coon, Owner


PH: 616 813-3889

Email or call for rates and availability

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